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The Best Garment Sewing Patterns for Quilting Cotton

The Best Garment Sewing Patterns for Quilting Cotton

Don't you find that quilting cottons have all the best patterns? Such cute fabric deserves to be worn, so we've scoured the sewing community for our favourite garment patterns that work well with quilting cottons!

Quilting cotton/medium-weight cotton is usually relatively stiff compared to other fabrics geared towards dressmaking, so deciding on a pattern to suit this can be a challenge. Choose a pattern that doesn't need much drape or will look great with a bit of structure. Your fabric choice is important too: not all quilting cottons are the same, some are smoother and drapier than others and they vary in thickness and weight. With that in mind, here's some patterns we love...

1. The Assembly Line - Cap Sleeve Shirt

This shirt is one of my favourites. I love a folded sleeve and the standing straight collar looks smart buttoned all the way up or more casual if you leave it open. I found this pattern worked really well with the structure quilting cotton provides whilst still being comfortable to wear.

I used Tiny Treaters Retro Candy in Charcoal (it also come in pink!) but I'd also love a Mister No Body skeleton shirt or a Mother's Little Helper retro bottles and cocktails shirt.

2. Sew Over It - Full Circle Skirt

Circle skirts are perfect for twirling and this one is no exception! Quilting cotton gives it the structure it needs for that A-line flare but the curved cut on the hem means it hangs nicely. This was a straightforward sew and the pattern comes with three different zip options (I went with an invisible zip).

I used some Alison Glass/Kaleidoscope fabric from my stash for this one, but I'd recommend Picnic Pink Polka Dots or Create Hexagons Blue from our shop.


3. Tilly and the Buttons - Jaimie Pyjama Bottoms

Cotton is breathable and comfortable, so ideal for sleep and loungewear projects like these PJ bottoms. Since you're likely to only wear these inside the house, you can pick the wildest patterned cotton you like; have a look at Acorn Wood Rust or Flutter By Navy for some inspiration!

You can make shorts or trousers with this pattern and we sell the paper version in the shop. I altered the pattern slightly by removing some of the height from the rise as I wanted a lower cut waist. The lovely retro fabric I used sold out a long time ago, but if you're looking for a retro vibe check out Universal Love New Dawn and Sunburst Good Vibes Raspberry.


 4. Jennifer Lauren Handmade - Hunter Tank

As this tank top is cut on the bias (at 45 degrees to the grain of the fabric) it makes the cotton slightly less stiff and encourages a bit more flow to the garment. This is a quick, fun pattern to sew!

I made this one with Folk Indian Cotton rather than quilting cotton, but I think it would work really well, especially with cute quilting cottons like Step Right Up Rollerskates and Universal Love Over The Rainbow (but remember that your pattern will be at a 45 degree angle!).

I had a great time sewing up this pinafore, it has straightforward instructions and it comes together quickly. You can choose a midi or maxi semi-circle skirt (mine is the longer version) and optional side ties.

I used Gingham Pink and Purple Cotton, which is more lightweight that quilting cotton, however I'm itching to make a second one in Floradora Cane Sky or Picnic Pastel Grid Pink.

The Alcott Pinafore
The Alcott Pinafore
The Alcott Pinafore

If you're feeling inspired, have a look through the Mid-Weight Cotton section of our shop!

Other great patterns we think would work well with quilting cotton, have quilting cotton as a recommended fabric or that have been recommended by our Instagram followers:

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